Plan Your Trip

We understand the challenges and burdens associated with seeking medical care in a foreign country, both physically and emotionally. We also know that it can be a daunting and stressful journey. At CritiCare Asia Hospitals, our International Patient Department is dedicated to making your experience as comfortable as possible. Our goal is not only to provide a homely environment during your stay but also to ensure your safe and healthy return to your home country.



The establishment of the International Patient Department at CritiCare Asia Hospitals aims to aid patients in organising and arranging their travel arrangements to the hospital. Our primary focus at CritiCare Asia Hospitals is not only to deliver exceptional medical care and procedures but also to guarantee your utmost comfort and relaxation throughout your treatment with us.

To assist you in planning your visit to CritiCare Asia Hospitals, refer to the information below. If you prefer personalised assistance from a representative to help you with your preparations, kindly utilise the contact form on the right to get in touch with our International Representative.

Learn About CritiCare Asia Hospitals

On our website, we make every effort to provide you with comprehensive information about our procedures, specialties, doctors, and hospitals. If you are considering CritiCare Asia Hospitals as a potential medical treatment destination, we encourage you to explore the technologies, expertise, services, and facilities we offer. If you have a specific specialty hospital in mind but are uncertain about your decision, please feel free to reach out to one of our representatives for additional guidance.

Risk Factors of Angina

After selecting a treatment location, you can engage in a discussion with an International Representative or an online doctor to address your inquiries. However, please include your medical reports and history for a thorough evaluation. CritiCare Asia Hospitals boasts a vast team of globally qualified doctors and healthcare professionals, dedicated to ensuring the utmost care and treatment for every patient. With over 55 medical specialties represented within our medical fraternity and a significant number of doctors, we offer a "Find a Doctor" section on our platform. This feature allows you to conveniently search and explore profiles of each medical practitioner. If you wish to contact a doctor for an online consultation, simply complete the “Get Consultation” form located on the doctor's profile.


48 Hours Response Time

Our goal is to address all inquiries within a 48-hour timeframe. However, kindly understand that, in certain cases, we might need additional information to provide the most precise response. Similarly, when discussing available treatment options, your doctor may request access to your medical records for a more comprehensive discussion.

Organising Your Travel Plans

Here are some tips to assist first-time patients travelling abroad for medical treatment. Follow these guidelines to plan your trip effectively

If you require guidance throughout the process, feel free to contact the CritiCare Asia Hospitals International Representative for assistance.

Your Stay in India

If your preference is to stay in a hotel close to a hospital while undergoing treatment, our International Patient Division is available to help you with room arrangements that fit your desired budget. For further information, kindly reach out to the International Representative before your travel dates.

Arriving at CritiCare Asia Hospitals

Upon reaching the hospital, kindly be informed that it is mandatory to present your passport at the registration counter for the completion of your patient registration. The hospital will retain a copy of your passport, including the photo page and Visa, for their records. Please note that this requirement is in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Government of India.

Required Documents

When preparing for international travel, it is crucial to ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience by adequately organising and carrying the required documents.

Here is a document checklist for your trip to India
  • Obtain a comprehensive medical report or any relevant documents pertaining to your medical history and ongoing treatment sessions.
  • Make photocopies of essential medical documents, including vaccination certificates (such as Yellow Fever and Polio), X-rays, MRIs, immunisation records, prescriptions, and records of previous surgeries. It is advisable to carry these documents and any necessary medications with you at all times in your bag or carry-on luggage.
  • Ensure you have a valid passport and obtain the necessary visa for your destination. To determine the specific visa requirements for the country you are travelling to, please consult our International Travel Desk.
  • Remember to bring local currency, travellers checks, and/or credit and debit cards for your financial needs.

If you have any specific inquiries or require further assistance in organising your paperwork or travel plans, please use the contact form on the right to get in touch with a CritiCare Asia Hospitals International Representative.


International patients can access the Indian Immigration Bureau website for comprehensive information regarding Indian Visa requirements and regulations. They can also consult with our experts for further assistance

  • Patients from Pakistan and Bangladesh must complete their registration within the initial 24 hours at the nearest Police/Commissioner Station.
  • CritiCare Asia Hospitals International Patient Care Representative will provide you with the necessary Visa and Transit documents, along with instructions.

For specific inquiries and assistance in preparing your travel documents, kindly fill out the form on the right to communicate with our International Representative.


At CritiCare Asia Hospitals, we collaborate with various international insurance providers. To obtain a comprehensive list, kindly visit the International Patient Desk/Admissions Counter or reach out to our International Representative for further information. Please note that we can only process and accept foreign insurance coverage that is included on our list.

The insurance coverage provided by the listed companies is applicable solely to inpatient procedures, which involve a minimum hospitalisation period of 48 hours. Approval from your insurance provider is necessary. Upon admission to the inpatient billing department, a deposit will be required. This deposit will be reimbursed once your insurance provider approves payment for the treatment.

If your insurance coverage is not confirmed within 48 hours of admission, you will be responsible for settling the hospital bill. Subsequently, you can file a reimbursement claim with your insurance provider at a later date.

Airport Kiosk

At CritiCare Asia Hospitals, we embody the principle of Tender Loving Care, and we believe that it should commence upon your arrival. To ensure a seamless experience, all CritiCare Asia International locations offer airport assistance and transfers for our esteemed clients. Moreover, certain locations boast dedicated kiosks or clinics right at the airport. Upon your arrival, simply contact us at the counter, and we will be there to provide comprehensive assistance throughout your airport journey.