About Us

Brand Story

Founded in 1999 by the visionary couple, Dr. Deepak Namjoshi a renowned cardiologist, and his compassionate wife, Dr. Masuuma Namjoshi, CritiCare Asia Hospital stands as a beacon of unwavering dedication to providing superior healthcare for all. Our noble belief that quality medical services should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial circumstances, inspired the very foundation of our remarkable institution.

Since our inception, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to deliver world-class medical care at affordable rates. At the heart of this exceptional establishment lies a formidable team of over 300 internationally trained doctors and 300 paramedical staff, all devoted to the well-being of their patients. Every case is handled by these medical professionals with a wealth of knowledge and compassion, ensuring that each patient receives the best care possible.

We are also proud of our cutting-еdge mеdіcal facilities, which are built to offer top-notch carе and incorporate cutting-еdgе technology. With a 24-bed іntensіvе care unit (ICU), a specialized 10-bаd neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), and evеn a cuttіng-edgе robotic surgery suіte, we are well-еquіpped to handle any medіcal challenge that comes our way.

Recognized for our unwavering commitment to excellence, we hold accreditation from the prestigious National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH). Additionally, we proudly maintain memberships in esteemed organizations such as the Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine (ISCCM) and the Indian Association of Cardiovascular Surgeons (IACS), further underscoring our dedication to upholding the highest standards of medical practice.

The tireless efforts and exceptional care provided by CritiCare Asia Hospital have not gone unnoticed. We have consistently been ranked among the top 10 multi-speciality hospitals in Mumbai by various esteemed publications. Furthermore, we have garnered numerous accolades for our unwavering commitment to excellence, including the coveted "Best Hospital in Mumbai" award at the esteemed National Health Care Awards in 2019.

Mission Statement We Stand By

To offer top-notch mеdical carе to еvеryonе, regardless of their financial sіtuatіon.

We go above and beyond our unwavеrіng dedication to providing еach patient with exceptional care no matter their financial situation. With a shared commitmеnt to giving our patients the best career possible, our team is made up of a highly qualіfiеd and sympathetic group of doctors and nurses.

Additionally, we firmly believe in providing everyone wіth access to high-quality medical care. Moreover, we believe that еvеryоnе deserves the chance to lead a hеalthy life. Hence, wе have taken it upon ourselves to ensure that this opportunity is extended to every person, regardless of their background or financial mеans.


Vision Leading Us to Healthcare Excellence

To be the leading provider of quality healthcare in India.

We envision a future where every individual in India can access top-notch healthcare, irrespective of their financial circumstances. Our unwavering commitment drives us to spearhead this transformation, employing a range of strategic initiatives.

As we set forth, our primary endeavor is to extend our compassionate touch to far-reaching corners of India. Currently nestled in the vibrant heart of Mumbai, we are dedicated to expanding our presence across the nation, reaching out to other major cities in the forthcoming years. Our ambition knows no bounds, as we aspire to touch the lives of countless more individuals.

Our vision extends beyond mere healthcare provision; we aspire to be a wellspring of inspiration for every Indian. With open arms, we welcome everyone, regardless of their economic standing, to experience the pinnacle of medical care within our facilities. Our passion and dedication fuel our relentless pursuit of realizing this noble vision.

Quality Policy

At our hospital, we uphold a profound belief that quality care is not just a goal; it's our unwavering commitment to you. That's why we've meticulously crafted an all-encompassing approach, blending various elements that create an unparalleled healthcare experience:

Unrivaled clinical excellence

Behind our doors, you'll find an exceptional team of doctors and nurses, each meticulously chosen for their expertise and experience. Our dedicated professionals pour their hearts into delivering the most effective and personalized treatment, ensuring that you receive nothing short of the best possible care.

A nurturing and empathetic environment

We understand the significance of fostering an environment where patients feel nurtured, comforted, and supported. Our dedicated staff is wholeheartedly devoted to creating a compassionate atmosphere, ensuring that each patient feels genuinely cared for throughout their entire hospital stay.

Cutting-edge facilities at your fingertips

To offer you cutting-edge care, we continually invest in the latest medical technology and facilities. Within our hospital, you'll discover an extensive array of diagnostic and treatment equipment, thoughtfully selected to deliver the highest standard of care. We continually invest in new technologies to guarantee that our patients receive nothing short of the most advanced and innovative treatments available.

Unceasing pursuit of excellence

Our pursuit of perfection never rests. We strive for continuous quality improvement, consistently reviewing and refining our methods and practices to elevate your experience with us.


Dr. Deepak Namjoshi
Founder & Chairperson

Criticare Asia Group of Hospitals, Mumbai

Recipient of numerous National & International Awards

Dr. Masuuma Namjoshi
Co-Founder & Chairperson

Criticare Asia Group of Hospitals, Mumbai

Award Winner Female Entrepreneur

Message from Founders

When we founded CritiCare Asia Hospitals, we had a simple vision: to provide world-class healthcare to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay. We firmly believe that everyone should have access to high-quality healthcare.

We have painstakingly assembled a team of specialists in critical care, surgery, and various medical specialties to make this belief a reality. Additionally, we have invested in cutting-edge equipment and first-rate facelifts. We want to make sure that our patients receive the best possible care and attention.

Our mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of every patient we serve, ensuring your comfort, safety, and speedy recovery. Trust us to be your partners in health, as we relentlessly pursue excellence in healthcare delivery. Your health is our passion, and we are committed to transforming the way you experience medical care.


Here are some of our Facilities:

  • 600+ bed strength all over Mumbai Round the clock Trauma and Emergency Care
  • ICU, ICCU, NICU, PICU with highly qualified and experienced Critical Care Team
  • State of the art Operation Theatres
  • Cardiac Cathlabs
  • Advanced Robotic Surgeries
  • Maternity Centre
  • Hi-Tech and Accredited Diagnostic Services
  • Oncology Unit & Day care procedure Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeries Kidney Transplantation
  • Dialysis Units
  • Dietary Services under supervision of Qualified Dieticians
  • Consultants from all specialities
  • Cardiac Ambulance service Emergency Home Service Facility
  • Day & Night pharmacy
  • 24 Hours Blood Bank Service Special Health Checkup Lounge

Work Ethos

At CritiCare Asia Hospital, we are unwavering in our commitment to delivering the utmost quality of care to our valued patients. To achieve this, we uphold a work ethos grounded in principles that ensure an exceptional healthcare experience

Uncompromising Excellence

Our relentless pursuit of excellence sets us apart. We are dedicated to providing our patients with nothing short of the highest standard of care. This is made possible by

  • Attracting and retaining exceptionally qualified and experienced healthcare professionals.
  • Investing in cutting-edge medical technology and state-of-the-art facilities.
  • Continuously evaluating and refining our processes and procedures to optimize patient outcomes.
Genuine Compassion

We firmly believe that every patient deserves a compassionate and nurturing environment throughout their stay at our hospital. Our compassionate staff is committed to creating a warm and supportive atmosphere, ensuring our patients feel cared for and valued.

Collaborative Teamwork

We recognize that exceptional care is the result of effective teamwork. Our staff embraces a collaborative approach, working seamlessly together to ensure our patients receive timely and comprehensive care tailored to their unique needs.

Continuous Innovation

Innovation lies at the core of our practice. We thrive on exploring novel avenues to enhance the quality of care we provide. We actively encourage our staff to generate fresh ideas and innovative solutions, propelling us towards advancements that benefit our patients.

With unwavering conviction, we firmly believe that our work ethic is paramount in bestowing upon our patients the superior care they deserve.