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2023-08-03 23:20:20

CritiCare Asia Hospitals launched its latest release of Second Advanced Robot

For the advancement in the Robotic Surgery, CritiCare Asia Group of Hospitals has launched an advanced third generation robot with features like bone movement monitoring and haptic feedback mechanism.


After introducing the First, Third Generation Advanced Robot with Team Robodocs in Suburban Mumbai at Andheri East last year, CritiCare Asia Group of Hospitals is pleased to announce the introduction of its Second Advanced Robot to provide Robotic Assisted Total Knee Replacement Surgery at its recently inaugurated centre in Malad (West). This highly advanced technology system utilizes state-of-the-art AI, computer-assisted technologies and robotics to assist surgeons in complex procedures. Its advanced 3D visualization and intuitive control systems offer the best level of precision and control that has never been seen in surgery. With the help of this innovative technology, surgical procedures will be performed with a new degree of precision and accuracy, enhancing patient outcomes and the healthcare process as a whole.

Dr. Deepak Namjoshi, renowned Pulmonologist and Critical care specialist, founder and Dr. Masuuma Namjoshi, Director, CritiCare Asia Group of Hospitals, Mumbai, who are committed to bringing the best in healthcare technology and make the hospital one of the best hospital for robotic surgery in Mumbai, expressed, “After operating on more than 175 happy patients in Suburban Mumbai in short period of time using Fully Active Automatic Robotic Arm Technology, CritiCare Asia Hospitals are making a significant step towards a future in which healthcare can be more effective, efficient, and available to everyone through robotic surgery.”

In addition to the Robotic Assisted Surgery, Dr Deepak Namjoshi has also announced the joining force of Suburban Mumbai’s eight renowned hip and knee joint replacement surgeons to lay the foundation for CritiCare Asia hospitals “RoboCare” initiative - ‘A Robotic Joint Replacement Centre of Excellence’. These experts of CritiCare Asia Group of Hospitals, Dr. Sanjay Londhe, Dr. Santosh Shetty, Dr. Rahul Deshmukh, Dr. Kshitij Shah, Dr. Akash Sarogi, Dr. Amin Momin, Dr. Kunal Patel and Dr. Pratik Talekar having more than 100 years of experience and treating more than 10000 patients have come together to offer the best treatment to the patients suffering from knee pain and arthritis cumulatively.

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Dr. Santosh Shetty, associated Robotic Joint Replacement Surgeon (Team RoboCare) of CritiCare Asia hospitals who also performed Mumbai's First Robotic Cruciate Retaining Joint Replacement Surgery said, "Robotic Joint Replacement Technology is a boon to patients suffering from arthritis wherein the surgical outcomes can be accurate and precise resulting in a painless recovery with a short stay in hospital and a speedy recovery. The traditional muscle-sparing techniques and ligament-sparing techniques where the muscles and ligament are not cut but rather saved, and now the latest cutting-edge robotic technology, which gives sub-millimeter accuracy while cutting the bones, are all adding excellent value to the overall results and recovery of the patients undergoing joint replacement".