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Criticare Multispeciality Hospital & Research Centre had been setup almost two decade back with aim to provide quality healthcare to the people. This ultramodern, multi-speciality care hospital has a spectrum of services from diagnostic to therapeutic, from prevention to rehabilitation under one roof.

Why should you get a health-checkup Done?

Today’s competitive world leads us to a stressful life, erratic meal timings, sedentary lifestyle & lack of sleep. These factors are enough to invite hypertension, Diabetes & other chronic disorders. Yet, most of us tend to ignore these facts until we ourselves face it. 90% of the diseases especially life style related diseases are avoidable if you undergo health checkup annually.

At Criticare Hospital we care for your well being & firmly believe that preventing a disease is much easier and better than having one.

The foundation of a productive and rewarding life is Good Health.

Criticare hospital health checkup programmes are specifically designed to diagnose, monitor and prevent potential health problems and help you lead healthier lives.

Our health-checkup packages provide you with a thorough determination of your health status & prevent the occurrence of ill health & paving way for the wellness.

As we have recognized the importance & need for preventive Healthcare, for this purpose we have developed various health-checkup programmes related to various age groups, as we all know that health is a complete physical, mental & social well being.

The disciplines of medicines covered in the hospital are

Various Health Check-up Plans