World Lung Cancer Day: A Day to Raise Awareness and Save Lives

2023-10-25 18:24:35
World Lung Cancer Day: A Day to Raise Awareness and Save Lives

World Lung Cancer Day is a global event that is held every year on August 1 to raise awareness of lung cancer. It is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide. This year's theme is "Breathing Life into Prevention."


Understanding Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is a disease that occurs when abnormal cells in the lungs start to grow uncontrollably. These cells disrupt the healthy lung tissues and make it difficult for the lungs to get oxygen to the body. Unfortunately, many patients are diagnosed at later stages because it's hard to suspect lung cancer early on. To help with treatment decisions, lung cancer is categorized based on how it behaves:

Non-small-cell carcinoma: This type includes different subtypes, like squamous cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma, large cell carcinoma, and bronchioloalveolar cell carcinoma.

Small-cell carcinoma: This aggressive form of lung cancer spreads quickly and shows few early symptoms. It's called oat cell carcinoma because of the shape of its cells.

Early Detection of Lung Cancer

Early detection is paramount in improving lung cancer survival rates. Screening plays a crucial role in identifying lung cancer at its nascent stages when it is most treatable. Current guidelines recommend annual low-dose CT scans for individuals at high risk of lung cancer. Despite the ongoing debate about the benefits and risks of lung cancer screening, timely detection remains a key factor in enhancing treatment outcomes.

Lung Cancer Prevention

The most effective means of lung cancer prevention is to refrain from smoking. Smoking cessation is the single most crucial step to mitigate the risk of lung cancer. If quitting smoking is not feasible, other preventive measures include:

  • Avoiding secondhand smoke exposure
  • Testing homes for radon gas
  • Maintaining a healthy diet
  • Engaging in regular exercise

Lung Cancer Causes

Smoking is the main reason for about 90% of lung cancer cases. It's the biggest cause of this disease. However, other contributing factors include exposure to substances like asbestos, steel, nickel, chrome, and coal gas processing, as well as radiation exposure in specific occupational settings, such as uranium, fluorspar, and hematite mining.

Lung Cancer Symptoms

Lung cancer symptoms often present in a vague manner, and are similar to other less serious health problems. In some cases, symptoms are discovered during routine health check-ups, with lung lesions being detected through X-ray screenings.

Common symptoms include:

  • A persistent cough that doesn't go away
  • Shortness of breath, especially during physical activity
  • Frequent chest infections
  • Coughing up blood or phlegm with
  • Increasing pain in the shoulder, arm, chest, or back
  • Feeling tired or losing weight without any clear

In certain instances, lung cancer may also exhibit symptoms seemingly unrelated to the lungs, which could be a consequence of the cancer spreading to other parts of the body. Persisting symptoms should prompt thorough investigation for early detection.

Treatments Offered by Criticare Asia Hospital for Lung Cancer Diagnosis

Criticare Asia Hospital and Research Centre is at the forefront of lung cancer treatment in India, offering state-of-the-art solutions in surgical oncology, radiation oncology, and medical oncology.

Criticare Asia Hospital boasts cutting-edge technology and a team of oncology experts offering holistic care to patients. The main treatments for lung cancer include surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy. The choice of treatment is determined by factors such as lung cancer type, disease stage, lung function, overall health, and individual preferences.

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World Lung Cancer Day serves as an opportunity to amplify awareness surrounding lung cancer and its prevention. By fostering collaboration and unity, we can make a tangible impact in the fight against lung cancer. Criticare Asia Hospital is dedicated to delivering comprehensive lung cancer care, catering to patients in Mumbai and across India. The hospital offers a diverse range of services, encompassing lung cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment, and support. If concerns about lung cancer risk arise, it is advisable to consult a physician. Criticare Asia Hospital stands ready to provide the necessary care and support to address your needs.